Why I Interrupted a Rally on Climate Change

“Who here is an environmentalist?” Enthusiastic hands go up in a crowd of a few hundred. “Who here is a white environmentalist?” A smattering of far less enthusiastic hands go up, and several clarifying questions and detractors filter out in response. Just naming whiteness sends a pall over the crowd. I broke the rule. Calling […]

Austin Floods the System!

Rising Tide North America and its allies call on communities, networks, affinity groups and organizations across the continent to join together this Fall to rapidly escalate the pace and scale of the anti-capitalist climate justice movements. We need to wash away the root causes of climate change — capitalism, white supremacy, patriarchy and colonialism. These […]

City Council Votes on 10-year Energy Plan

When: Thursday December 11th 7pm Where: Austin City Hall – 301 W. 2nd Street   Join ACAN in speaking up for climate justice and communities most impacted by climate change. Decolonize our utility.  Fossil fuel based companies have a long history of placing power plants in low-income communities of color, who, as a result, have […]

Austin Protests Canadian Ambassador’s Visit

For Immediate Release Vanessa Ramos vramos@citizen.org, (512) 586-1853 Media Advisory: Austin Protests Canadian Ambassador’s Visit WHAT: Texans rally against Canadian Ambassador Gary Doer’s presentation on the Keystone Pipeline at a luncheon at the Austin Club. WHEN: Friday, March 7th at 10:30AM WHERE: Rally at the South Gates of the Texas Capitol at 10:30AM and march […]

Austin Community and Climate Activists Protest Austin Energy Generation Plan

For Immediate Release 2/25/14 Austin Climate Action Network Ben Kessler – Press Liaison 512-961-2716 atxclimateaction@gmail.com Austin, TX – The Austin Climate Action Network is holding a rally at Austin Energy’s headquarters on Tuesday, February 25th at 8PM to allow public discussion and response to the proposed Austin Energy Generation Plan. Austin CAN is disappointed in […]

Study Finds Methane Leaks Negate Benefits of Natural Gas as a Fuel for Vehicles

“WASHINGTON — The sign is ubiquitous on city buses around the country: “This bus runs on clean burning natural gas.” But a surprising new report, to be published Friday in the journal Science, concludes that switching buses and trucks from traditional diesel fuel to natural gas could actually harm the planet’s climate. Although burning natural […]

Investigation Highlights Toxic Air Emissions In Fracking Fields

“The fracking boom that has brought jobs and money to rural parts of South Texas has also brought potentially life-threatening air pollution. That’s according to a joint investigation out today from the Center for Public Integrity, the Weather Channel and Inside Climate News. The report found that toxic chemicals like benzene and hydrogen sulfide are being emitted in increasing amounts in […]